The Department of Justice’s Victim Notification System

Audit Report 08-04
January 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix IX
Opt-In Survey Question 41

What additional information would you like made available from the Call Center’s live assistance for case information?

No. Comment
1. Called once.

2. Someone who can translate in Navajo- Navajo legal terminology.

3. Information about restitution.

4. Plain and simply how to access live assistance. Couldn't figure out how to get live assistance.

5. Would like phone interview and additional space.

6. Respond right away if anybody call in emergency case.

7. The Call Center is hindered by minimal information details that are not readily available.

8. Survey person discuss what VNS was about.

9. Don't Know.

10. Why was information sent to me. I only called to get an explanation of how my name was selected.

11. Status of restitution- where' my money and when will I get it.

12. N/A

13. I am not qualified to answer this.

14. Is my case or status needed?

15. Is the criminal in prison? Can we expect restitution of our stolen money?

16. How to log into my online account. Someone was supposed to send me new info in the mail. I've now been waiting almost one year for it!

17. XXXXX XXXXX was on vacation.

18. None

19. More detailed information and awareness of the operators. They were uneducated to fully answer my questions.

20. None

21. I would like to know more information on how my case is going. I have heard nothing since April, 2006.

22. Update on the investigation!

23. Please have me informed what's going on.

24. I made the initial call in response to a bomb threat. I do not know any information after the initial report.

25. Actual Assistance

26. Time frame on our money.

27. Updated, current info in custody??

28. Want system to work.

29. Can't think of anything.

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