The Department of Justice’s Victim Notification System

Audit Report 08-04
January 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix IV
Types of Notifications
1 Initial (Investigative Agency) Initial registrant notification from an investigative agency
2 Under Investigation Case is under investigation
3 Arrest An anonymous arrest has been made
4 Declination of Prosecution Declination of prosecution
5 Other (Investigative Agency) Other notification from an Investigative agency
6 Advice of Victim Rights (Investigative) Advice of victim rights for an investigative case
7 Investigation Closed Case not prosecuted
8 Advice of Victim Rights (USAO) Advice of victim rights for a USAO case
9 Appeal Appeal
10 Appeal Outcome The outcome of an appeal by a subject
11 Arraignment Arraignment hearing
12 Arraignment Canceled Arraignment hearing canceled
13 Arrest (USAO) An arrest has been made on a particular subject
14 Bail/Detention Hearing Bail or detention hearing
15 Bail/Detention Hearing Canceled Bail or detention hearing canceled
16 CCTV Accepted Registrant accepted into CCTV program
17 CCTV Initial Initial CCTV notification
18 CCTV Other Other CCTV notification
19 CCTV Rejected Registrant rejected from CCTV program
20 CCTV Scheduled CCTV event scheduled
21 Change of Plea The subject has changed his / her plea
22 Change of Plea Canceled Change of plea canceled
23 Charges Dismissed Dismissal of charges
24 Charges Filed (includes Victim Rights) Charges filed against a subject on a docket
25 Competency Hearing A hearing to determine the competency of the defendant
26 Competency Hearing Canceled Competency hearing canceled
27 Criminal Default Hearing Collection Hearing 4
28 Criminal Default Hearing Canceled Collection Hearing 4 canceled
29 Death during Trial Death during trial
30 Delinquent/Sentencing Outcome of sentencing for a juvenile subject
31 Directed Verdict Directed verdict
32 First Appearance First (or initial) appearance
33 First Appearance Canceled First appearance canceled
34 Guilty Plea Guilty plea
35 Hung Jury The trial has ended due to a hung jury
36 Initial (USAO) Initial registrant notification from USAO
37 Juvenile Form Form returned by victim for juvenile subject
38 Mental Treatment Hearing A hearing for status of defendants found not guilty by reason of insanity
39 Mental Treatment Hearing Canceled Mental treatment hearing canceled
40 Mistrial The trial has ended due to a mistrial
41 Oral Argument Appeal Hearing A hearing to consider an appeal filed in the criminal case.
42 Oral Argument Appeal Hearing Canceled Oral argument appeal hearing canceled
43 Other Hearing Other hearing
44 Other (USAO) Other notification from USAO
45 Other Canceled Other hearing canceled
46 Plea of Nolo Contendere Plea of Nolo Contendere
47 Post Trial Hearing A hearing after plea / verdict before sentencing to cover any issues other than sentencing
48 Post Trial Hearing Canceled Post trial hearing canceled
49 Preliminary Hearing Preliminary hearing
50 Preliminary Hearing Canceled Preliminary hearing canceled
51 Pre-Sentence Hearing A hearing to cover pre-sentencing issues
52 Pre-Sentence Hearing Canceled Pre-sentence hearing canceled
53 Pretrial Diversion - Dismissal for Subject successfully completed pretrial diversion program
54 Pretrial Diversion - Enter Subject entered pretrial diversion program
55 Pretrial Motions Hearing A hearing to consider pretrial motions
56 Pretrial Motions Hearing Canceled Pretrial motions hearing canceled
57 Proposed Dismissal of Charges Charges against a subject have been proposed dismissed
58 Proposed Plea Agreement Proposed plea agreement for a defendant
59 Release General release
60 Re-sentencing Hearing Re-sentencing hearing
61 Re-sentencing Hearing Canceled Re-sentencing hearing canceled
62 Restitution A victim has been awarded restitution
63 Restitution Discovery Hearing Collection Hearing 2
64 Restitution Discovery Hearing Canceled Collection Hearing 2 canceled
65 Restitution Enforcement Hearing Collection Hearing 1
66 Restitution Enforcement Hearing Canceled Collection Hearing 1 canceled
67 Restitution Payment Schedule Hearing Collection Hearing 3
68 Restitution Payment Schedule Hearing Canceled Collection Hearing 3 canceled
69 Restitution Re-sentencing Hearing Collection Hearing 5
70 Restitution Re-sentencing Hearing Canceled Collection Hearing 5 canceled
71 Revoke/Modify Probation Hearing A hearing to revoke or modify the conditions of probation.
72 Revoke/Modify Probation Hearing Canceled Revoke or modify probation hearing canceled
73 Revoke/Modify Supervised Release Hearing A hearing to revoke or modify supervised release as a result of violations of release.
74 Revoke/Modify Supervised Release Hearing Canceled Revoke or modify supervised release hearing canceled
75 Rule 20 Transfer Notice Case is being transferred to another district
76 Rule 35 Sentence Reduction Hearing A hearing to reduce the defendant’s sentence
77 Rule 35 Sentence Reduction Hearing Canceled Rule 35 sentence reduction hearing canceled
78 Sentencing Sentencing hearing
79 Sentencing Canceled Sentencing hearing canceled
80 Sentencing Outcome Outcome of sentencing hearing
81 Status Hearing A hearing to determine the current status of the case
82 Status Hearing Canceled Status hearing canceled
83 Subject Detained A subject has been detained
84 Suppress Evidence/Return Property Hearing A hearing to suppress evidence or return seized property
85 Suppress Evidence/Return Property Hearing Canceled Suppress evidence or return seized property hearing canceled
86 Trial (Bench) Verdict (Guilty) Bench trial verdict (guilty)
87 Trial (Bench) Verdict (Not Guilty) Bench trial verdict (not guilty)
88 Trial Date Trial date
89 Trial Date Canceled Trial date canceled
90 Pretrial Diversion - Unsuccessful Subject was unsuccessful in the Pretrial Diversion program
91 Verdict (Delinquent) Delinquent verdict for juvenile subject
92 Verdict (Guilty) Guilty verdict
93 Verdict (Not Delinquent) Not delinquent verdict for juvenile subject
94 Verdict (Not Guilty) Not guilty verdict
95 Verdict Not Guilty Reason of Insanity (Court) Verdict reason of insanity (court)
96 Verdict Not Guilty Reason of Insanity (Jury) Verdict reason of insanity (jury)
97 Victim Impact Statement Request for comments on subject's impact to victim
98 Initial Designation Initial designation
99 Escape while Incarcerated Escape while incarcerated in a BOP facility
100 Release to Halfway House Release to halfway house
101 Parole Hearing Parole hearing
102 Release to Street Release to street from BOP
103 Re-designation Transferred/re-designated to another BOP location
104 Release on Furlough Release on furlough
105 Pre-sentenced to Street Released to street from BOP before release date
106 Death Death of inmate while in BOP
107 Initial (BOP) Initial registrant notification from BOP
108 Other (BOP) Other notification from BOP
109 Apprehension After Escape Inmate apprehended after escaping
110 Parole Hearing Record Review Inmate parole hearing record review
111 Sentence Reduction Inmate sentence reduction
112 Court Dismissed Case Court dismissed charges on its own initiative
113 Compassionate Release Inmate considered for compassionate release
114 State Concurrency (Victim) Inmate sentenced to state prison term
115 State Concurrency (State) Inmate sentenced to state prison term
116 U.S. Military Clemency Hearing U.S. military clemency hearing
117 Supervised Release Violator Subject has violated supervised release
118 Immediate Release to Street Release inmate to street immediately
119 Conditional Release (Mental Health) Conditional release (mental health)
120 No Longer a Victim Victim opted-out after federal government determined legal definition of victim not met

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