The Drug Enforcement Administrationís Use of Intelligence Analysts

Audit Report 08-23
May 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix VI
Intelligence Analysts
in Foreign Field Offices by Location
Location IAs Onboard
as of August 2007
Europe & Africa Region
Brussels, Belgium Country Office 1
Madrid, Spain Country Office 1
Paris, France Country Office 1
Rome, Italy Country Office 1
The Hague, Netherlands Country Office 1
Middle East Region
Ankara, Turkey Country Office 1
Istanbul, Turkey Resident Office 1
Athens, Greece Country Office 1
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Country Office 1
Peshawar, Pakistan Resident Office 1
Moscow, Russia Country Office 1
Far East Region
Bangkok, Thailand Country Office 4
Chiang Mai, Thailand Resident Office 2
Hong Kong Country Office 1
Singapore Country Office 1
Southern Cone Region
Brasilia, Brazil Country Office 2
Sao Paulo, Brazil Resident Office 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina Country Office 1
La Paz, Bolivia Country Office 2
Cochabamba, Bolivia Resident Office 1
Santa Cruz, Bolivia Resident Office 1
Andean Region
Bogota, Colombia Country Office 9
Cartagena, Colombia Resident Office 3
Caracas, Venezuela Country Office 1
Lima, Peru Country Office 1
Quito, Ecuador Country Office 1
Central America Region
Guatemala City, Guatemala Country Office 1
Managua, Nicaragua Country Office 1
Mexico City, Mexico Country Office 7
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Resident Office 1
Guadalajara, Mexico Resident Office 1
Central America Region Continued
Hermosillo, Mexico Resident Office 1
Mazatlan, Mexico Resident Office 1
Monterrey, Mexico Resident Office 1
Tijuana, Mexico Resident Office 1
Panama City, Panama Country Office 2
San Jose, Costa Rica Country Office 1
Other Foreign
Nassau, Bahamas Country Office 1
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. Country Office 1
Source: DEA, Intelligence Section, Management and Production Support Section

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