The Drug Enforcement Administrationís Use of Intelligence Analysts

Audit Report 08-23
May 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix IV
Intelligence Analysts
in Domestic Field Offices by Location
Location Intelligence Analysts Onboard
as of August 2007
Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) 3
Office of Inspections (IN) 1
Office of Training (TR) 8
Office of Enforcement Operations (OE) 5
Intelligence Division (NC) 8
Office of Intel. Policy and Management (NP) 5
Office of Strategic Intelligence (NT) 28
Office of Investigative Intelligence (NI) 28
Office of Special Intelligence (NS) 61
Office of National Security Intelligence (NN) 10
Field Support
Aviation Division (OA) 5
El Paso Intelligence Center (NE) 41
Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
Fusion Center(NF)
Atlanta Division
Atlanta, GA Division Office 18
Charleston, SC Resident Office 1
Charlotte, NC District Office 2
Columbia, SC District Office 1
Nashville, TN District Office 1
Raleigh, NC Resident Office 1
Boston Division
Boston, MA Division Office 11
Hartford, CT Resident Office 1
New Haven, CT District Office 1
Providence, RI Resident Office 1
Springfield, MA Resident Office 1
Chicago Division
Chicago, IL Division Office 14
Indianapolis, IN District Office 1
Merrillville, IN Resident Office 2
Milwaukee, WI District Office 1
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN District Office 1
Springfield, IL Resident Office 2
Dallas Division
Dallas, TX Division Office 14
Fort Worth, TX Resident Office 1
Oklahoma City, OK District Office 2
Denver Division
Denver, CO Division Office 8
Billings, MT Resident Office 1
Salt Lake City, UT District Office 1
Colorado Springs, CO Resident Office 1
Detroit Division
Detroit, MI Division Office 10
Cincinnati, OH Resident Office 1
Cleveland, OH Resident Office 2
Lexington, KY Resident Office 1
London, KY Resident Office 2
Toledo, OH Resident Office 1
El Paso Division
El Paso, TX Division Office 8
Albuquerque, NM District Office 2
Alpine, TX Resident Office 1
Las Cruces, NM Resident Office 1
Midland, TX Resident Office 1
Houston Division
Houston, TX Division Office 14
Austin, TX Resident Office 2
Brownsville, TX Resident Office 1
Corpus Christi, TX Resident Office 1
Eagle Pass, TX Resident Office 1
Laredo, TX District Office 4
McAllen, TX District Office 4
San Antonio, TX District Office 6
Los Angeles Division
Los Angeles, CA Division Office 24
Honolulu, HI District Office 2
Las Vegas, NV District Office 3
Reno, NV Resident Office 1
Riverside, CA District Office 2
Orange County, CA Resident Office 1
Miami Division
Miami, FL Division Office 15
Ft. Lauderdale, FL District Office 5
Ft. Meyers, FL Resident Office 1
Jacksonville, FL District Office 3
Orlando, FL District Office 3
Pensacola, FL Resident Office 1
Tampa, FL District Office 5
Newark Division
Newark, NJ Division Office 10
New Orleans Division
New Orleans, LA Division Office 11
Birmingham, AL Resident Office 1
Fort Smith, AR Post of Duty 1
Gulfport, MS Resident Office 1
Jackson, MS District Office 1
New York Division
New York, NY Division Office 31
Albany, NY District Office 2
Buffalo, NY Resident Office 1
Philadelphia Division
Philadelphia, PA Division Office 9
Allentown, PA Resident Office 1
Pittsburgh, PA District Office 1
Wilmington, DE Resident Office 1
Phoenix Division
Phoenix, AZ Division Office 6
Nogales, AZ Resident Office 1
Sierra Vista, AZ Resident Office 1
Tucson, AZ District Office 5
Yuma, AZ Resident Office 1
San Diego Division
San Diego Division Office 16
Carlsbad, CA Resident Office 1
Imperial County, CA Resident Office 3
San Ysidro, CA Resident Office 2
San Francisco Division
San Francisco, CA Division Office 8
Fresno, CA Resident Office 2
Oakland, CA Resident Office 1
Sacramento, CA District Office 3
San Jose, CA Resident Office 1
Seattle Division
Seattle, WA Division Office 8
Anchorage, AK District Office 1
Blaine, WA Resident Office 1
Boise, ID Resident Office 1
Eugene, OR Resident Office 1
Portland, OR District Office 3
St. Louis Division
St. Louis, MO Division Office 10
Des Moines, IA Resident Office 1
Kansas City, KS District Office 2
Omaha, NE District Office 1
Washington Division
Washington, DC Division Office 10
Baltimore, MD District Office 4
Norfolk, VA Resident Office 1
Richmond, VA District Office 2
Caribbean Division
San Juan, PR Division Office 13
St. Thomas, VI Resident Office 1
Source: DEA, Intelligence Division, Management and Production Support Section

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