The Drug Enforcement Administrationís Control Over Weapons and Laptop Computers Follow-Up Audit

Audit Report 08-21
March 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
Abbreviations and Forms


  DOJ Department of Justice
  DOJCERT Department of Justice Computer Emergency Response Team
  FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
  NCIC National Crime Information Center
  OIG Office of the Inspector General
  PII Personally Identifiable Information
  POV Privately Owned Vehicle
  SEPS Security and Emergency Planning Staff


  DEA-12 Receipt for Cash or Other Items
  DEA-17 Firearms Control Record
  DEA-29 Personal Property Negligence/Liability Assessment
  DEA-171a Employee Clearance Record
  DEA-609 Request for Authority to Carry a Personally Owned Firearm

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