The Drug Enforcement Administration's Management of Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology Investments

Report Number 04-36
September 2004
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 7

DEA Progress Through Stage 3 of the EA Management Framework

Core Elements Status
  Implemented Not
Critical Attribute #1: Demonstrates Commitment  
   Core Elements  
Adequate Resourcescheck mark 
EA Governing Committeescheck mark 
Critical Attribute #2: Capability to Meet Commitment  
   Core Elements  
EA Program Officecheck mark 
Appointment of Chief Architectcheck mark 
EA Developmentcheck mark 
Critical Attribute #3: Demonstrates Satisfaction of Commitment  
   Core Elements  
EA Program Plan Developmentcheck mark 
Securitycheck mark 
Critical Attribute #4: Verifies Satisfaction of Commitment  
   Core Elements  
EA Progress Measurement check mark
Critical Process #1: Defining the Portfolio Criteria  
   Key Practices  
Documented Policies and Procedurescheck mark 
Criteria Development Responsibilitycheck mark 
Adequate Resources check mark
Working Group Responsibilitycheck mark 
Portfolio Selection Criteriacheck mark 
Selection Criteria Awarenesscheck mark 
Selection Criteria Review check mark
Critical Process #2: Creating the Portfolio  
   Key Practices  
Policies, Procedures, and Processescheck mark 
Adequate Resourcescheck mark 
Board Members' Knowledgecheck mark 
Expectation and Performance comparison check mark
New and Ongoing Investment Examination check mark
Performance Expectation Modification check mark
Archiving Used Information check mark
Critical Process #3: Evaluating the Portfolio  
   Key Practices  
Policies and Procedures check mark
Adequate Resources check mark
Board's Knowledge of Evaluation Criteria check mark
Board Review Provision check mark
Assessment Criteria Developmentcheck mark 
Performance Measurement Data and Criteria check mark
Investment Adjustments check mark
Critical Process #4: Conducting Post-Implementation Reviews  
   Key Practices  
Documented policies and procedures check mark
Resource adequacy check mark
Investment board knowledge check mark
Investment board identification check mark
Data use and collection check mark
Investment board assessment check mark

   Source: Office of the Inspector General