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Follow-up Audit of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Laboratory Operations*

Report No. 04-17
January 2004
Office of the Inspector General

Redacted Version
Appendix II
DEA Forensic Services Case Outcomes Questionnaire

Sample Number: <<Sample_No>>
Case Number
Exhibit Number  

1. What type of forensic service(s) did your office request from the DEA laboratory for this exhibit? Please check ALL that apply to this exhibit.
□ drug analysis
□  expert witness testimony
□  computer / digital analysis
□  clandestine lab assistance
□  latent fingerprint analysis
□  technical assistance
□  other – explain: _______________________________________________________
2.  What was the role of the laboratory’s analysis or other services on the outcome of the case/situation? Please check ALL that apply.
□  assisted an investigation / contributed to case progress or focus
□  helped to identify, confirm, or eliminate a suspect
□  contributed to a prosecution (Please identify the prosecuting office below.)
        □  USAO (City) ______________________  □ Other_________________________
□  contributed to a conviction
□  contributed to an appropriate sentence
□  other – explain: ________________________________________________________
3. Was the lab’s service on this exhibit provided in time to be useful?         Yes □          No □
If no, please explain using the back or another sheet.

Please respond to 4.a., b., and c. if there has been at least one prosecution that relied in part on this exhibit.  If the answer to 4.a or 4.b is yes, please explain the issue(s) and outcome(s), using the back or another sheet.
  4.a. Were the results of the analysis and/or forensic expert testimony on this exhibit successfully challenged?    Yes □    No □    Not applicable (N/A) □

4.b.  Was the case/situation plea-bargained (downward) or otherwise compromised due to problems with the laboratory’s services on this exhibit?    Yes □    No □    N/A □

4.c.  Did the defense stipulate to the laboratory analysis and / or expert forensic testimony?    Yes □    No □    N/A □
5. On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent), how would you rate the overall quality of the forensic service(s) you received from DEA?
If you wish to provide additional comments about laboratory services, please do so on the back or on a separate sheet, and cite case and exhibit numbers, if appropriate.

PERSON COMPLETING QUESTIONNAIRE: ___________________________________

TITLE: __________________________ OFFICE: _____________________________

_____________________________________________ _________________________
    Name of a Contact Person for Follow-up     Phone Number

*Because this report contained information designated as "Law Enforcement Sensitive" by the Drug Enforcement Administration, we redacted (whited out) that information from the version of the report that is being publicly released. Where such information was redacted is noted in the report.

Redacted Version