The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Monitoring of Mail for High-Risk Inmates

Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2006-009
September 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix III
Inmate Restrictions and FBI Responsibilities
Related to Special Administrative Measures

Issue SAMs Restriction FBI Responsibilities

Telephone Calls

  • Non-legal calls limited to immediate family members
  • One non-legal call a month
  • Calls will be recorded
  • To contemporaneously monitor the phone call.
  • To analyze the recorded phone call (recording provided by the BOP)
  • To confirm relationship of immediate family members


  • Non-legal mail restricted to immediate family members
  • Will be copied, forwarded to the FBI, and analyzed by the FBI


  • To review and analyze all non-legal mail
  • To return any English language mail within 14 business days and non-English mail within 60 business days to allow for translation
  • To return any mail where there is suspicion of a code within 60 business days to allow for decoding
  • To confirm relationship of immediate family members


  • Non-legal visits limited to immediate family members
  • All non-legal visits will be in English, unless a fluent FBI, U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), BOP, or Detention Facility (DF)-approved translator can contemporaneously monitor the visit
  • Minimum of 14 calendar days in advance written notice to the USMS, BOP, or DF
  • No physical contact
  • One adult visitor at a time (FBI-verified children may visit with pre-approved adult visitor)
  • Contemporaneously monitor the non-legal visit
  • Analyze translation of visit
  • To confirm relationship of immediate family members


Periodicals, Newspapers, Television and Radio

  • May have access to publications determined not to facilitate criminal activity or be detrimental to national security
  • Shall have access to publications after a delay of at least 30 days
  • Not allowed to share publications with other inmates
  • Restricted from access to channels/stations which primarily broadcast news
  • Review and determine which publications inmate may have access to
  • Determine which parts of publication to remove before giving to inmate
  • Translate any publications and review/analyze the translations
Source: BOP

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