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The Federal Bureau of Prisons' Drug Interdiction Activities

Report Number I-2003-002
January 2003



The BOP's drug abuse treatment programs consist of drug abuse education, non-residential treatment, and residential treatment.

Other Residential Programs. According to the FY 2000 State of the Bureau, the BOP offers a variety of other residential programs, which focus on "inmates emotional and behavioral responses to difficult situations and emphasize life skills and the development of pro-social values, respect for self and others, responsibility for personal actions, and tolerance." These specialized programs borrow the cognitive restructuring approach of the RDAP and encourage inmates to become alcohol and drug free, but the programs are not drug treatment programs. Inmates may be diagnosed as needing drug treatment and may participate in drug treatment, but treatment is separate from the usual curriculum of the specialized programs. Also, participation in drug treatment is not a prerequisite for participation in these specialized programs. However, inmates who use or possess alcohol or drugs will be expelled from the programs.


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