Audit of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Pharmacy Services

Audit Report 06-03
November 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II

Controlled and Noncontrolled Substances

Brand Name Generic Name for
Controlled Substance
Ativan® Lorazepam Anxiety
Andro® Depo-Testosterone Testosterone Hormone
Android-10® Methyltestosterone Hormone
Darvon® Propoxyphene Pain
Demerol® Meperidine Moderate to Severe Pain
Dolophine® Methadone Narcotic Addiction
Duragesic® Fentanyl Pain
Klonopin® Clonazepam Seizure
Lorcet® Propoxyphene
with Acetaminophen
Mild to Moderate Pain
Lomotil® Diphenoxylate and
Atropine Sulfate
MSIR® Morphine Severe Pain
Percocet® Oxycodone with
Moderate Pain
Provigil® Modafinil Sleep Apnea
Ritalin® Methylphenidate Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder
Roxicodone® Oxycodone Moderate to Severe Pain
Stadol® Butorphanol Pain
Solofton® Phenobarbital Seizure
with Codeine
Acetaminophen with Codeine Moderate Pain
with Codeine Elixir
Acetaminophen with Codeine Moderate Pain
Valium® Diazepam Anxiety
Versed® Midazolam Sedative
Xanax® Alprazolam Anxiety
(None) Codeine Pain

Brand Name Generic Noncontrolled
Advil® Ibuprofen Anti-Inflammatory
Aleve® Naproxen Sodium Anti-Inflammatory
Aller-Chor® Chlorpheniramine Allergies/Allergic Reaction
Bayer® Aspirin Fever, Pain, Inflammation
Copegus® Ribavirin Hepatitis C
Cortaid® Hydrocortisone Cream Skin Irritations
Milk of Magnesia
Magnesium Hydroxide Constipation
Fiberall® Psyllium Diarrhea or
Fioricet® Butalbital Mild to Moderate Pain
Maalox® Simethicone Excess Gas
Mobic® Meloxicam Arthritis
Mylanta® Aluminum with
Magnesium Hydroxide
Nasalide® Flunisolide Nasal Congestion
Selsun Blue® Selenium Dandruff
Soma® Carisoprodol Muscle Relaxer
Sular® Nisoldipine Blood Pressure
Tinactin® Tolnaftate Skin Infections
Tylenol® Acetaminophen Mild to Moderate Pain
Ultram® Tramadol Pain Relief
Videx® Didanosine HIV
Zocor® Simvastatin Cholesterol

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