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Select Application Controls Review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons's Sentry Database System

Report No. 03-25
July 2003
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix VII

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  7. The BOP's Standard Operating Procedures.
  8. The BOP's SENTRY Contingency Plan.
  9. The BOP's Information Technology Investment Report.
  10. The BOP's Community Corrections Management Operations Procedures (PS 5100.07).
  11. The BOP's SENTRY "General Use Manual."
  12. The BOP's "SENTRY System Security Guide," dated June 23, 2000.
  13. The BOP's "SENTRY System Security Plan," dated February 25, 2000.
  14. The BOP's Security Evaluation Report.
  15. The BOP's Policy Standard 1237.12.