The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Controls Over Its Weapons, Laptop Computers, and Other Sensitive Property

Audit Report 08-29
September 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
Sampling Design

The ATF database we tested contained 22,476 weapons and 7,505 laptop computers assigned to all ATF offices and officials located around the country and abroad. We selected 16 offices: (1) the Materiel Management Operations Center at Landover Maryland, (2) the ATF Academy at Glynco, Georgia, (3) Martinsburg, West Virginia, (4) Atlanta, Georgia, (5) Kansas City, Kansas, (6) Las Vegas, Nevada, (7) Little Rock, Arkansas, (8) Los Angeles, California, (9) Riverside, California, (10) San Francisco, California, (11) New Orleans, Louisiana, (12) Shreveport, Louisiana, (13) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (14) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (15) St. Louis, Missouri, and (16) Washington, D.C.

16 Offices Reviewed
July 30, 2007, through April 16, 2008
Map of United States indicating testing locations: Landover, Maryland; Glynco, Georgia; Martinsburg, West Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Kansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; Los Angeles, California; Riverside, California; San Francisco, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Shreveport, Louisiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri, and Washington, D.C.

Source: OIG analysis of ATF data

The red dots represent the cities where we performed testing.

During the preliminary testing phase (Phase I), we conducted a 100-percent review of inventory at the Atlanta and Washington Field Divisions. We tested a total of 853 weapons and 472 laptop computers as shown in the table below.

Weapons and Laptop Computers Tested

Location Weapons Laptop computers
Number Tested Number Tested
Atlanta 331 238
Washington, D.C. 522 234
Total 853 472
Source: ATF’s property management system

During the additional testing phase (Phase II), to provide effective coverage and efficient testing of the items, we selected a statistical sample design, as shown in the following table. We tested a total sample of 935 weapons and 560 laptop computers.

Sample of Weapons and Laptop Computers Tested

Location Weapons
Laptop Computers
Glynco 92 69
Landover 0 31
Martinsburg 165 58
Kansas City 58 53
Las Vegas 60 25
Little Rock 36 21
Los Angeles 97 61
Riverside 31 16
San Francisco 64 56
New Orleans 59 37
Shreveport 46 18
Philadelphia 77 48
Pittsburgh 66 35
St. Louis 84 32
Total 935 560
Source: ATF’s property management system


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