The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ and Federal
Bureau of Investigation’s Arson and Explosives Intelligence Databases

Audit Report 05-01
October 2004
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix V

Summary of the Data Fields for the Databases of the
ATF National Repository and FBI Bomb Data Center


Incident Summary Reports

    Incident Information

    A. Investigation Title
    B. Investigation Number
    C. Date of Incident
    D. Time of Incident
    E. AEXIS Identification
    F. Jurisdiction
    G. Incident Type/Subtype
    H. Incident Address
    I. Incident city
    J. Target type
    K. Structure type
    L. Device location
    M. Location description
    N. Motive
    O. Device delivery
    P. Entry method
    Q. Warning method
    R. Dollar loss


    A. Name
    B. Social security number
    C. Date of birth
    D. Arresting agency
    E. Other identification numbers
    F. Notes about suspect

    Investigation Participation

    A. Agency type
    B. Department name
    C. Agency's contact name
    D. Agency's contact telephone number
    E. Department case number
    F. Department address
    G. Department city
    H. Department state
    I. Department country
    J. Department zip code

    Evidence Components

         Component Section

    A. Sequence of evidence number
    B. Evidence component type/subtype
    C. Evidence common name
    D. Evidence brand name
    E. Evidence component use
    F. Manufacturer
    G. Country
    H. Material

         Quantity Section

    A. Amount
    B. Units
    C. Model number
    D. Identification lot number
    E. Modified
    F. Improvised
    G. Fingerprints
    H. Hair/Fibers
    I. Length
    J. Width
    K. Diameter
    L. Height
    M. Percent
    N. Leg wire length
    O. Color


Incident Summary Reports


    A. Start date/time
    B. End date/time
    C. Street address
    D. City/State/Zip
    E. County
    F. Additional directions

    Investigator information

    A. Name
    B. Phone
    C. Email

    Incident Details

    A. BATS incident identification number
    B. Agency identification number
    C. Type of incident
    D. Status of incident
    E. Level of investigation
    F. Incident target
    G. Target status
    H. Estimated damage
    I. Secondary target
    J. ATF involvement
    K. Primary bias
    L. Primary government association
    M. Method of entry
    N. Fire descriptors
    O. Collateral crimes
    P. Primary motivation
    Q. Area of placement/device origin
    R. Number injured
    S. Number killed


    A. Device name
    B. Device type
    C. Device placement
    D. Country of origin
    E. Device description
    F. Device components
    G. Device containers
    H. Ignitions
    I. Fillers
    J. Military ordinance

    Subjects/Business Information

    A. Relationship(s)
    B. Name
    C. Other name(s) used
    D. Business name
    E. Primary phone
    F. Secondary phone
    G. Email
    H. Social security number
    I. Date of birth
    J. Age
    K. Ethnicity
    L. Race
    M. Sex
    N. Hair color
    O. Eye color
    P. Height
    Q. Weight
    R. Street address
    S. City/State/Zip
    T. County
    U. Country
    V. Disposition


Incident Report

    Nature of Incident

    A. Bombing
    B. Attempted bombing
    C. Recovery of incendiary explosive device
    D. Accidental explosion
    E. Hoax device
    F. Theft of Explosives
    G. Recovery of Explosives
    H. Lost/Missing Explosives

    Reporting Agency Data

    A. Agency name
    B. Agency city
    C. Agency street
    D. Agency state
    E. Agency telephone number
    F. Agency fax number
    G. Bomb squad identification number
    H. NCIC number
    I. Responding agency number
    J. Investigating agency number
    K. Agency zip code

    Incident Data

    A. Incident start date and time
    B. Incident end date and time
    C. Incident street address
    D. Incident city
    E. Incident county
    F. Incident state
    G. Incident zip code
    H. Target
    I. Apparent involvement
    J. Threat type
    K. Method of delivery

    Device Data

    A. Quantity
    B. Category
    C. Device type
    D. Subtype
    E. External container

Activity Report

    Nature of Activity

    A. Bomb squad training
    B. Operational standby/special effects
    C. Protective detail
    D. Bomb threat call
    E. Suspicious package call
    F. Disposal of Explosives/Pyrotechnics
    G. Assisting another agency

    Reporting Agency Data

    A. Agency name
    B. Agency street
    C. Agency city
    D. Agency state
    E. Agency zip code
    F. Agency telephone number
    G. Agency fax number
    H. Reporting officer
    I. Responding agency number
    J. Investigating agency number
    K. Related file number

    Incident Data

    A. Number of days
    B. Incident start date and time
    C. Incident end date and time
    D. Number of personnel
    E. Activity report detail
    F. Incident county