Drug Enforcement Administration

Ongoing Work

Administrative Subpoenas

The OIG is examining the DEA’s use of administrative subpoenas to obtain broad collections of data or information. The review will address the legal authority for the acquisition or use of these data collections; the existence and effectiveness of any policies and procedural safeguards established with respect to the collection, use, and retention of the data; the creation, dissemination, and usefulness of any products generated from the data; and the use of “parallel construction” or other techniques to protect the confidentiality of these programs.

Attestation Reviews of DOJ's Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Accounting and Authentication of Drug Control Funds and Related Performance

The OIG is conducting attestation reviews of the Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Accounting of Drug Control Funds and Related Performance of DOJ's Assets Forfeiture Fund, Criminal Division, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Office of Justice Programs, Offices of the United States Attorneys, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, and United States Marshals Service, hereinafter referred to as "the components". Pursuant to 21 U.S.C. § 1703(d)(7), the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) issued ONDCP Circular, Accounting of Drug Control Funding and Performance Summary, dated January 18, 2013, which requires the OIG to perform annual reviews of the components' drug control funds and related performance.

Contract Awarded to L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC

The OIG is auditing a DEA contract awarded to L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC. The preliminary objectives are to: (1) determine whether the DEA adhered to federal regulations during the contract award and administration processes, (2) assess the adequacy of DEA’s contract oversight, and (3) determine if L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC properly invoiced the government and complied with the terms and conditions of the contract award.

DEA's Income-Generating Undercover Operations

The OIG is conducting an audit of the DEA's income-generating undercover operations. The preliminary objectives are to evaluate the management and oversight of DEA’s income-generating operations with respect to: (1) the initiation and classification of these operations, (2) the controls over and use of funds during operations, and (3) the disposal of proceeds at the conclusion of these operations.

Review of Gender Equity in the Department of Justice Law Enforcement Components

The OIG is examining gender equity in DOJ’s law enforcement components, specifically ATF, DEA, FBI, and USMS. The review will include an examination of component demographics and staff data related to promotions, awards, and gender discrimination complaints. The OIG will also assess staff perceptions related to gender equity and analyze the reasons for those perceptions.

Review of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Opioid Enforcement Efforts

The OIG is assessing whether the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) regulatory activities and enforcement efforts effectively prevent the diversion of controlled substances, particularly opioids, to unauthorized users. Specifically, this review will examine: (1) the DEA’s enforcement policies and procedures to regulate registrants; (2) the DEA’s use of enforcement actions involving distributors of opioids who violate these policies and procedures; and (3) the DEA’s coordination with state and local partners in countering illicit opioid distribution.

Updated: January 2018