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Office of the Inspector General

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Ongoing Work

Controls Over Armory Munitions

The OIG is conducting an audit of the BOP's controls over armory munitions. The preliminary objectives are to evaluate: (1) BOP's management controls over munitions, (2) BOP facility compliance with rules and regulations governing munitions, (3) the accuracy of BOP's munitions inventory, and (4) whether BOP facilities are maintaining excess or expired munitions.

Private Contract Prisons

The OIG is examining how the BOP monitors its private contract prisons; whether contractor performance meets certain inmate safety and security requirements; and how contract prisons and similar BOP institutions compare in an analysis of certain inmate safety and security data.

Use of Restrictive Housing for Inmates with Mental Illness

The OIG is examining the BOP's use of restrictive housing for inmates with mental illness. The review will examine trends in the use of restrictive housing and the screening, treatment, and monitoring of inmates with mental illness who are housed in restrictive housing units.

Reimbursement Rates for Outside Medical Care

The OIG is examining trends in the BOP's reimbursement rates between FY 2010 and FY 2014, factors other than cost that influence the BOP’s selection of a comprehensive medical services contractor, and the effect on the BOP’s medical costs of reimbursement rates that are higher than Medicare.

Use of U.S. Public Health Service Officers

The OIG is examining the role of U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) officers in BOP institutions; the BOP’s oversight of PHS officer leave, awards, drug testing, and correctional training; and the effect of the use of PHS officers on the BOP’s medical costs.

Review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Release Preparation Program

The OIG is assessing the extent to which the BOP is meeting the goals of the Release Preparation Program and how the BOP tailors the program to meet inmate needs.

Review of the Federal Bureau of Prison's Process and Timing for Releasing Inmates

The OIG's preliminary objectives are to: (1) assess the Federal Bureau of Prison's (BOP) process for releasing inmates on their appropriate release dates; and (2) determine whether the BOP can reduce the number of inmates that are mistakenly released before or after their appropriate release dates. The review will assess the relevant responsibilities of the Designation and Sentence Computation Center located at the BOP’s Grand Prairie Office Complex as well as the responsibilities of individual institutions.

Review of the BOP's Contraband Interdiction Efforts

The OIG is reviewing current and planned security procedures employed by the BOP to detect and prevent contraband from entering BOP-operated institutions, to include searching staff, visitors, and inmates; cell phone detection/signal interruption technologies; and physical security measures.

Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn

The OIG is examining the management and security controls the BOP has in place for operating the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Treaty Transfer Follow-up

The OIG is examining the progress made by the Department to more effectively manage the International Prisoner Transfer Program, which allows selected foreign national inmates to serve the remainders of their sentences in their home countries’ prison systems. The review will also further evaluate factors that limit the number of inmates ultimately transferred.

Updated: August 2015

OIG Mission

To detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct in DOJ programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in those programs.

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