Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Ongoing Work

ATF Contracts Awarded to Shearwater Systems, LLC, to Support Violent Gun Crime Reduction Intelligence Initiatives

The OIG is auditing the ATF's contracts awarded to Shearwater Systems, LLC (Shearwater), to support violent gun crime reduction intelligence initiatives. The preliminary audit objectives are to assess: (1) ATF’s acquisition planning, administration, and oversight of the contracts and task orders; and (2) Shearwater’s performance and compliance with the contracts’ and task orders’ terms and conditions, including financial management, monitoring, reporting, and progress toward meeting the contract goals and objectives, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

DOJ's Compliance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, as amended by the DATA Act of 2014

The OIG is examining DOJ's compliance with reporting requirements under the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, as amended by the DATA Act. Through memorandum M-15-12, Increasing Transparency of Federal Spending by Making Federal Spending Data Accessible, Searchable, and Reliable, the Office of Management and Budget provided guidance to federal agencies on the requirements that agencies must employ pursuant to the DATA Act. The OIG will review a statistically valid sampling of the fiscal year 2019 spending data submitted, and submit to Congress and make publicly available a report assessing the completeness, timeliness, quality, and accuracy of the data sampled.

Review of the Department of Justice’s Preparedness to Respond to Critical Incidents Under Emergency Support Function 13

The OIG is reviewing the Department’s ability to meet its responsibilities under Emergency Support Function 13 (ESF-13) and to execute ESF-13 activities in response to natural and manmade disasters. OIG will assess Departmental policies and guidance; planning, preparation, training, and execution processes; and coordination among DOJ law enforcement components and non-DOJ support agencies in support of an ESF-13 activation.

Updated: June 2019