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Former BOP Correctional Officer Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of an Inmate and Tampering with a Witness


On October 29, 2021, a former BOP Correctional Officer previously assigned to the Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville in Alabama was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment followed by 60 months of supervised release for one count of sexual abuse of an inmate and one count of tampering with a witness.  Eric Ellis was sentenced in the Northern District of Alabama.  According to the factual statement in support of the guilty plea, on or about June 11, 2020, Ellis knowingly engaged in a sexual act with a BOP inmate who was then in official detention and under his custodial, supervisory, and disciplinary authority.  Also according to the factual statement in support of the guilty plea, on or about September 15, 2020, Ellis stated to another correctional officer, during a recorded phone call, “Just tell [the OIG agents], yeah, we’re friends, but I mean, you hadn’t really talked to me about it.  And when you have, it’s – I’ve just told you that nothing happened.”  In doing so, Ellis knowingly attempted to corruptly persuade another person with the intent to hinder, delay, and prevent communication to federal agents relating to the commission of a federal offense.  The investigation was conducted by OIG’s Miami Field Office. 

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