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Compliance With Standards Governing Convicted Offender DNA Sample Backlog Reduction Program Activities The Bode Technology Group, Inc. Springfield, Virginia

Report No. GR-80-01-018
September 6, 2001
Office of the Inspector General


The Bode Technology Group, Inc.

The Bode Technology Group, Inc., a ChoicePoint Company, is a research, development, and analysis firm specializing in biotechnology. The Bode Technology Group (Bode) offers a variety of services to its clients, including the analysis of forensic casework, the analysis of offender samples, and research and development services. Also, Bode performs DNA analysis for a variety of clients, including federal and state agencies, as well as private industry.

Bode was begun in April 1995 and has been certified by the National Forensic Science and Technology Center since April 1997. Bode has been performing analysis using Short Tandem Repeat (STR) technology since its inception and is able to offer its clients the analysis of all 13 CODIS core STR loci. According to Bode management, the laboratory currently has a staff of approximately 65 personnel, with 50 of those personnel directly involved in CODIS-related contracts (casework and offender analysis).

The first contracts Bode received were for DNA research and development services, which then led them to move into the forensic applications of the results of their research. For example, certain members of Bode staff were involved in investigating the application of STR technology to human identification issues as early as 1993. According to laboratory management, some of the most widely-used methods and materials for STR analysis were developed by individuals currently on the Bode research staff. Bode still offers their DNA research and development services to clients, including the custom development or validation of new multiplex systems, population and statistical analysis, and sequence analysis of genomic DNA. According to laboratory management, examples of advanced research contracts that Bode has been involved in include studies to develop new diagnostics genetic markers in human and plant species, chip-based DNA typing assays, and automated procedures.

Bode first entered the forensic arena in 1996, completing case analysis on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the analysis work, Bode offers to its case analysis clients pre-trial assistance services, as well as expert witness testimony. According to laboratory management, Bode has designed its processes with the intent of ensuring the integrity of all evidence, including a strict chain-of-custody throughout the entire identification process.

Bode first entered the CODIS offender databasing arena in 1998, with its first offender analysis contract. Bode received Program contracts for offender sample analysis from several state agencies, including the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory, the Virginia Division of Forensic Science Central Laboratory (continuation of an existing contract), the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Central Laboratory, and the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Forensic Services. Bode has also completed, or is in the process of completing, offender analysis contracts with state agencies that were not funded under the Program.

Bode's stated mission is to perform research and development in the area of molecular biology and related technologies by performing quality science and service with integrity. Bode management also stated that their specialty is to provide sophisticated resources for DNA identification technology for government, commercial and educational organizations by combining scientific excellence, extraordinary service at competitive prices within a rewarding work environment.