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Compliance With Standards Governing Convicted Offender DNA Sample Backlog Reduction Program Activities The Bode Technology Group, Inc. Springfield, Virginia

Report No. GR-80-01-018
September 6, 2001
Office of the Inspector General


Audit Criteria

The key source of criteria for our audit is the QAS, recommended by the DNA Advisory Board and formally instituted by the Director of the FBI (see Appendix III for a description of these organizations' roles). Although two sets of standards have been instituted, only the set specific to the analysis of convicted offender samples applies to this audit: the Quality Assurance Standards for Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories effective April 1, 1999 (Offender QAS).

The Offender QAS contains 130 elements organized under 14 headings applicable to our audit. We considered all 130 elements in the completion of our audit. However, not all 130 elements were ultimately applicable to Bode or to the specific time period we audited. For example, some elements pertained to a different analysis method than is in use at Bode on offender samples, some elements did not apply to the scope of the work Bode is performing for the Program clients, and some elements pertained to issues not occurring during our audit scope.

Not included in the tally of 130 elements count is one heading containing six elements applicable only to the state and local laboratories that contract out the analysis of their samples, and not the actual contractor. The section, number 17, is titled "Subcontractor of Analytical Testing for which Validated Procedures Exist." The remaining headings include standards on such issues as: the laboratory's quality assurance program and what it contains; roles, duties, and documentation for laboratory organization, management and personnel; care and security of facilities, equipment, and samples; validation of and analytical procedures for analysis processes used by the laboratory; policies on reports, reviews and safety; and documentation of proficiency testing, corrective action, and audits.

We did not review Bode against provisions unique to each of its Program client contracts, as that will be done during the review of selected state laboratories as part of the overall audit of the Program.